Ask Rene: My Daughter’s Throwing Her Lifestyle Away With This LOSER!

Ask Rene: My Daughter’s Throwing Her Lifestyle Away With This LOSER!

HELP! My daughter began seeing a man (her first boyfriend) whenever she had been 17 against our wishes. We attempted to cause them to split up but she stated she’d destroy by by herself or runaway if we called the statutory legislation on him. It would play out so we just hoped.

We felt like one thing ended up being incorrect out he is 28, has no job, no phone, no car, no money and lives with grandmother with him so ran background check, found. His background check says he’s been in prison 2 times for medications and checks that are bad. The day our child switched 18, she got mouthy and hateful, packed her bags and relocated in with my moms and dads, against our wishes.

Now, my parents talk down about her dad and me personally and inform her she doesn’t need certainly to also pay attention to us because this woman is grown. We took away her vehicle on our insurance and our dime but ended up giving it back for her safety; she’s in college and was walking at night because he was driving it. Her boyfriend got mad and tried to press charges on me for “harassing” my daughter when I was only calling her on the phone to make sure she was okay when we took her car. I’ve already canceled her insurance but my moms and dads included her on the policy. I’m not likely to offer her any more income ever. We will pay just on her behalf orthodontist and that is it.

She’s preparing on marrying and supporting him. He could be a sluggish, no bum that is good i do believe he could be on medications. My daughter is a girl that is good she works and would go to university but allows him brainwash her into hating her dad and me personally. She’s got been changed by her cell phone number and does not want to communicate with and even glance at us. I’d like her in the future house but then i at least want a relationship with her if she won’t.

I will be more or less crazy. What do we do? Allow her to marry him and state nothing? I do believe me personally constantly telling her exactly exactly just how it’s it is what ran her off to begin with as I see. I’m frightened on her safety.

Panicked in Pittsburgh

Wef only I experienced a buck for each letter i acquired from the mother, concerned that her child was getting associated with a seed that is bad. If i did so, I’d manage to place my children through university after which some, I kid you maybe not. But most of the tales really are a little various and every one involves someone’s kid. I’m sure you’re losing rest over this, I’m sure you will be anguished and I also understand you’ve visited me for many straight talk wireless; i am hoping you’re prepared as the gloves are coming down. Just how we view it, you’ve surely got to cope with this presssing problem for a wide range of fronts.


I’m certainly not yes things to state right right here. Not just are your moms and dads instead of your part, these are typically earnestly undermining your authority. But as your child is 18 and never residing using your roof, your authority just isn’t just exactly just what it used to be. Nonetheless, i might think they might side that they know first hand, the difficulties of parenting with you, given. For reasons uknown they choose to not ever do this. You are able to question them why however their actions appear to suggest that the connection them is more convoluted than can be addressed in this space between you and. So that your other choice (while the one I would personally opt for) will be ignore their behavior. When they would you like to just just just take your mercurial daughter on together with no-good boyfriend, allow them to. We predict that act will really wear thin, REALLY fast.


Plainly there’s no love lost between both you and this person and I also can’t state that we blame you. Almost twice her age, a couple of prison stints, i could see where he’s perhaps not top of head when you think about a person who will like and cherish your litttle lady. But she’s a grownup now and also this is her choice, also if it is maybe not the main one you’ll opt for her or your self. How do you cope with him? In really doses that are small. Even if you don’t like him, I would personally cool off. The more you antagonize him, the greater he’s likely to fold her ear, which will feed their collective paranoia.

EXCLUSION! All wagers are down when you look at the instance of assault. Then you have to do what you can to get her out of there if you suspect or have proof of that.


Forgive me personally to be so dull but woman, your child is just a spoiled brat! You would not “run down” this emotional extortionist by telling her the reality about her deadbeat boyfriend. She left of her very own accord because she didn’t like to obey the guidelines which you, the home owner (whom is her mom), set up. As well as in just what alternative world is it ok for a teen up to now somebody nearly twice her age? Sorry but that’s the meaning of creepy within my book.

Exactly What would you have inked? Well, it is too late now in this instance, but parents need to comprehend the ability they usually have. I’m certain you’d things she wanted/needed (cell phone and freedom straight away come to mind). Crack down on those activities. You might have developed a strategy if she in reality did try to escape and in case she proceeded to jeopardize committing suicide, have taken her to a health care provider.


Now, that’s where the plastic fulfills the street. Individuals are likely to do whatever they have actually constantly done until these are typically inspired to improve. Meaning your child will probably stick with this loser until she looks up one time, perhaps after a few beliefs and young ones using this man, and understands that this SUCKS! Then and just then, will she choose to do something positive about it. I am aware it will hurt to face by watching you genuinely have no other option. Allow her understand that when you disapprove for the man, you will be her mom and can often be here on her.

Now, this is how it gets confusing. What does “be there on her” really mean? This means you may provide support that is moral that’s it. No giving her an automobile (there are a great number of those who arrive at and from university without them), no having to pay the insurance (you won’t need certainly to since you’ll have the automobile), no offering her cash when she’s short on rent, no having to pay the mobile phone bill and so forth. It’s time and energy to lay straight down some ground guidelines offering how you would be addressed due to the fact present conditions are unacceptable. And they’re going to perhaps perhaps not get better in the event that you are nicer to her or give her more material, in reality, just the alternative. In case your child really wants to behave like a grownup, then she does it 24 and 7, not only when it is convenient.

I’m a believer that is big learning from most of our experiences. You telling your child it is a guy that is bad perhaps maybe maybe not likely to be almost because eye-opening as whenever she comes to this summary by herself.

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September 1, 2012 at 10:20 am

We completely agree! Enough time to create the requirements of which kind of dudes had been accepted ended up being whenever she was first beginning to communicate with men. My mom’s standard: no C’s on a written report card; can’t be in difficulty in college; she had to keep in touch with them; satisfy their moms and dads, if at all possible. And also this had been once I ended up being 13. Those form of guys frequently don’t end in prison. My ex-boyfriends are now actually accountants, town designers, & medical center administrators. Too, the senior school riff raff whom did because of my dad like me were afraid to talk to me. As a adult, we use similar requirements whenever dating. “Train up a child…(s)he will likely not leave from this. ” Proverbs

1, 2012 at 10:59 am september

Unfortunately, I’m getting the experiencing her father never sat her down seriously to talk about dudes. We state this because mine never ever did, but being an awful dad We vowed never to get this route *because* of exactly how terrible he is/was.

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