Kevin, Alexander and Dongho are well-recognized for devoid of people expertise in relationships

Kevin, Alexander and Dongho are well-recognized for devoid of people expertise in relationships

Changmin’s gone to the new army, and although which can not seem like a legitimate reason adequate to state he’s not a great virgin, we know if you are throughout the army their sexuallity becomes a great deal more open

Kevin and you can Alexander even accept never to that have its first hug (even when Kevin already performed during the a play, however, that doesn’t matter). Soohyun works out he could be complete they because the the guy is able to lose a woman really look around this site and you will he or she is really nice whenever he’s doing him or her. Kiseop is not once the world isn’t really reasonable in the event that a child while the breathtaking while the him continues to be a good virgin. Haha! Eli actually as he’s also educated not to feel. He’s the fresh casanova of U-Kiss at all. Kibum has actually Hyungjoon because an older sister. I envision they’d a number of female once her or him into the the early education age. Are you aware that a few the newest players, In my opinion AJ is still a good virgin as the he could be become busy his life time. However, I believe there’s also a top possibility he is complete they. Hoon however comes with the greatest screwing body on the whole You-Hug. If the guy hasn’t utilized you to definitely, I would be surprised.

Junsu and you will Junho have been in the latest virgins area because they are dorks and cannot frequently get a woman. I can not envision why don’t you regardless of if, due to the fact both of these is actually super. Wooyoung is the greatest dork. The guy never ever actually got a romance prior to and he will not learn simple tips to work as much as lady. I do not imagine it’s possible he’s had sex. Nope, I can’t even thought they. Nickhun, no matter how lovable and you will adorable they are, naturally already made it happen. He’s existed the nation due to the fact his youth and his awesome face draws each woman up to him. ‘Nuff said. Taecyeon are a nerd, but he is able to split clothing a touch too well. Haha! Jaebum is of The usa and contains currently accepted to watching tons away from porno and having numerous girls fall over your. We doubt he is never ever over they. Chansung, even though he’s the newest youngest that is my personal bias inside the 2PM, oozes sexual stress. The guy will not feel like he is the youngest as well. The guy along with enjoys browsing clubs and hanging out. He could be more youthful and you may sexy, and i never bring it facing your.

Mir is just too immature and you may lovable getting gender

Jokwon are an excellent virgin due to the fact he’s zero feel and… do you actually envision him carrying it out? o_o Jinwoon works out a beneficial virgin to me. He is therefore lovable. We won’t understand also really although given that you won’t ever see, perhaps he smuggled a few females within their dormitory inquiring her or him playing. Haha! And, he’s got a vocals that just renders the panties shed. Easy accessibility. LMAO =)) Seulong merely looks like he or she is over it. The guy guides and you may motions like he’s complete it. My observance, I guess.

Thunder grew up most protected and in case the guy came to Korea he was practially brought to debutpanies never promote much free-time for extra-curricular issues therefore yeah. I doubt he’d actually kissed a woman. His thoughts out of like is so teenager also. Haha G.O. and Seungho commonly virgins as they appear to be obtained currently over it using their exes. Seungho even appears like he’d had a one night stand. But that is merely myself together with state of mind I get of him. Leejoon does not seem like you to often. The guy seems he’d take action to discharge a lot of built up pressure in him. Together with, he or she is a classical dancer. Ok, that does not most justify. XD

Minhyuk is really a sweet-looking individual. The guy seems very simple. He could be my personal prejudice too, so i wouldn’t like your to get a non-virgin since the I would like your to go to for my situation. Haha! Jungshin will not seem like he could be done it. He could be same as a young sis (who has incredibly significant) you to serves more like a connection as compared to individuals on it himself. Jonghyun, though I would get slain for this, appears most experienced. He or she is an ulzzang as well, therefore he attracted a number of lady fo’sho. Yonghwa’s had their display, I’m confident. He had been amazed that have Seohyun’s innocence as well. That has been even the breathing out of outdoors he requisite that’s as to why the guy decrease on her behalf very strong. Haha!

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